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Kevin Davis: Preparing Kids to Think Critically in the (Mis)Information Age

  • North Syracuse Public Library 100 Trolley Barn Lane North Syracuse, NY, 13212 United States (map)

Preparing Kids to Think Critically in the (Mis)Information Age


 The 2016 Presidential election was influenced by social media and propaganda sites more than any in our nation’s history. Those influencers did not cease after the election was over. Instead, the flow of misinformation continues and their impact strengthens as the nation divides. As members of the next generation of Americans navigate the online space and form their political opinions based on what they find, it’s up to us to prepare them for what they’ll encounter. Armed with the tools to separate truth from the improbable, the next wave of voters can be successful in making rational decisions that will impact the future of our communities and country.

About Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis is a blogger, author, and secular activist focused mainly on fighting back against church/state separation violations and the harms that aggressive indoctrination can cause, especially in public school settings.  He's the head writer and editor for SecularVoices, a Patheos blog, and is the co-founder and Executive Director of Young Skeptics, an elementary-level after school program for kids, focused on critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning.  

Young Skeptics was launched in January 2015 as a secular alternative to the controversial Good News Club, an organization operating in public schools that evangelizes children and spreads fundamentalist Christian doctrine focused on shaming children for their sins.  

Kevin’s first book, Understanding an Atheist: A Practical Guide to Relating to Nonbelievers is aimed at improving relationships between the religious and their atheist loved ones.  

Kevin has delivered presentations to local secular groups and at conferences, as well as at larger events such as the Reason Rally and the Ark Encounter Protest and Rally in 2016.

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