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Sunday Speaker Series - Dan Courtney: "How Presuppositionalism Undermines Christianity"

  • North Syracuse Public Library 100 Trolley Barn Ln Syracuse, NY, 13212 United States (map)

Van Til’s Deception

Dan will discuss his new book, A Gift From God; How Presuppositionalism Undermines Christianity; a critique of the Christian apologetic credited to the Theologian Cornelius Van Til. Presuppositionalism is an argument that relies on our intuitions and pseudo-philosophical sleight-of-hand in an attempt to establish the necessity of God’s existence. This approach presupposes the Christian God of the Bible while bypassing the need for evidence. Dan will discuss why this apologetic is becoming popular now, and what it says about the state of Christian apologetics in general.

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Dan Courtney is President Emeritus of the Freethinkers of Upstate New York and is active in a number of Freethought and church/state separation groups. Dan gained international attention for being the first Atheist to offer an invocation at the Town of Greece following the US Supreme Court’s ruling on the practice. Dan has participated in a number of debates - on topics ranging from morality to our country’s founding - including several with Christians utilizing the Presuppositional approach.